Churchman Chapel Ministries exist...

To change the lives of the hurting and lost by Preaching the Cross to the hurting and lost while showing the love of Christ.  We believe that each person was created not to simply ‘Just Exist,’ but rather to ‘EXIST FOR A PURPOSE.’

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Who We Are

Focused on the Eternal

Preaching The Cross To The Hurting and Lost

Changing Lives.  Making Disciples.  Existing for a Purpose.

The Vision of Churchman Chapel Ministries is to change lives, make disciples, and show everybody they exist for a purpose.  We believe each person is made in the image of God, and has the potential to make a difference in this world.  While our main purpose is to worship and glorify God, we believe this begins with our Mission of Preaching The Cross to the Hurting and the Lost.

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Statement of Faith

We expect a Godly commitment from our leaders.  While we know that none are perfect, we also know that we are held to higher standards and much is expected of us. 

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